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Company Profile

High Source Electronics formed to contribute alternative power supply.With the aim to provide economic & reliable power supply equipments to corporate level for all kinds of power solution, a full-fledged electronic company High Source Electronics was founded in 1998.

In Bangladesh load shading is a big problem especially in summer season.we are suffering for electricity because of large population & poor ability to produce power of our country. Keeping these in mind High Source Electronics was under taken initiative for alternative current. The experienced engineers, workers & service quality make High Source Electronics a symbol of excellence to development process.

Our commitment is to provide our client quality product & service. Our mission is quality simply, is to provide our clients by helping them for planning for alternative power, sound advice & quality workmanship necessary to facilitate delivering & servicing UPS, IPS, Automatic Voltage Regulator on time & on budget.

The engineers of High Source Electronics designed power supply equipments of various types and categories. High Source combines knowledge & experience & know how to focus its energies & powers to create the great impetus.

High Source believes that client satisfaction is paramount. Our commitment is to primarily understand & meet the client requirements in the terms of objectives, quality, value & time scale using economic practical solution.

Date of Incorporation: A Company incorporated in the peoples Republic of Bangladesh as per Companies Act 1998.

Trade License No: 169128 (Date: 10/11/2003)

VAT Registration Certificate No: 5011038561, Area Code: 50101

TIN Certificate: 088-107-3903/Cercle-34

Production & Service

Production: We always maintain quality for the production. Our highly qualified engineer & experienced worker always try to give their best effort for every single product. We always use the best spare parts & battery for our products which are the main thing of a product. We never compromise with the quality. We always store some product for instant delivery/support.

Service: we have a highly qualified & experienced service team which is capable for solving any kind of technical problem of any branded UPS, IPS, AVR. We have 24 hour service team which is providing instant service for the sensitive industries like ATM booth server, substation, medical, pharmaceuticals, and insurance company.

Engineers: We have some highly qualified & experienced engineers who works dedicatedly to maintain & improve product quality.

Customer: We have some major loyal clients who are always with us. We would also like to inform that the client who has taken a product or service from us, they never go for any other options for this kind of product or service because, they are satisfied with us.

Quality control Procedure

Design and R&D: High Source introduces any Product after completion of large R & D(Research & Development).High Source ensures best design for any product.

Row Material Procurement: High Source procures best quality row material from best supplier to ensure product quality. High Source also check all components at own laboratory.

Production Control: Maintaining right production procedure, High Source assembles all products. All types of machinery available to get quality production.


Test/QC: High Source maintains Inspection & test at every stage of production process.Every product passes through a strict quality control (QC)

Delivery: High Source Electronics committed to provide on time delivery to client.

Support Service: High Source is committed to provide quick, efficient and quality service to its customer. The customer service department is staffed by highly professional personnel, who handle all service requirement of High Source product.

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